New Updates Are A-Coming!

So, we've been busy on a new update - two of them actually! The second one will be focused on all that multiplayer stuff you guys keep asking about (sorry... a little more wait on that one). The first one, however, is all the other stuff we've been working on at the same time.

So, along with a new Windows 10 version of the game, here's what you can look forward to this Fall for our first big update:

  • Windows 10 / Xbox One Crossplay
  • New broadcast options, such as "smart active camera" and "transparent backdrop."
  • Kinect Hashbombs – voice-activated hashbombs!
  • New arenas features like quarterly side swapping.
  • Major bug fixes - optional Fart Dashing.
  • AI opponents available for base arena
  • Endorsements tracked per team
  • Twitter filter options (Get rid of profanity)
  • Share characters, music, logos, with friends list

#IDARB Expansion Pack #1 (FREE with Update!)

  • 2 New Arenas! 
  • 3 new half-time games! Hoppy Street, Photon Bikes, and Boom Chamber! 
  • More hashbombs!
  • Halftime Olympics mode – compete in a series of half-time events! 
  • Song Sequencer



This add-on pack brings all the power from the land of Eternia to ‪#‎IDARB‬!

  • Two all new arenas, each with new gameplay elements: a Castle Grayskull Arena and a Snake Mountain Arena. 
  • All new teams (He-Man’s Heroes of Eternia, and Skeletor’s Evil Horde) new half-time games, and new hashbombs!
  • New theme music, sound effects, and announcer calls specific to each new arena.


The Walking Dead

This digital add-on pack will offer the following: 

  • Two all new arenas: an Invincible and a The Walking Dead Arena. Each arena adds new gameplay elements in the theme of the respective comic. (Walkers!)
  • All new The Walking Dead and Invincible teams, half-time games, and hashbombs!
  • New announcer calls, theme music and sound effects specific to each new arena.

Yeesh! We have been busy.

(The release date, price, and additional details for “The Masters of the Universe” and the “Walking Dead & Invincible” add-on packs will be announced in the near future.)