I'm having trouble connecting to xbox live on windows 10. What's wrong?

To connect to Xbox Live, you must have an Xbox Live account and you MUST have Windows Firewall turned on. Windows Firewall is required to enjoy all Xbox Live features.


Why can't I connect to the other players when I try to play a multiplayer game on Windows 10?

If you have confirmed that you are connected and logged into Xbox Live and your Windows Firewall is turned on, there a couple of possible explanations for this:

  1. There may not be any players currently available to play with you. When deciding to look or start a match, please see whether you are choosing to find a match with Xbox One, Windows 10 players, or both. Choosing both may increase your chances of finding a match to play. 
  2. If everything is set right and you are still not able to connect to other players, even when attempting to join a game via invite, the issue might be more severe. Your NAT Type might be to blame. We've found this site to be invaluable to trying to troubleshoot your internet connection: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-on-windows/social/troubleshoot-party-chat


I already bought #IDARB on Xbox One. Is it automatically available to me on Windows 10? if I buy it on Windows 10, can I then play it on Xbox One?

You will need to purchase #IDARB separately on Windows 10 and Xbox One. For additional inquiries, please reach out to Microsoft.


Do I need to regain all my achievements I earned on Xbox One on Windows 10?

No. The Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of #IDARB share the same set of achievements. If you get an achievement on Xbox One, it will be unlocked on Windows 10, and vice versa.


For any other inquiries, please contact IDARB.support@otherocean.com for assistance.